Con más de 35 años de experiencia, Tom Wishon Golf Technology está reconocida como líder de la industria del diseño de palos de golf, el rendimiento y la tecnología clubfitting. Su departamento de I + D ha estado a la vanguardia de la industria del golf, incluyendo el diseño de más de 50 palos que han sido primicias tecnológicas, así como un sinnúmero de descubrimientos en la ciencia de la influencia del palo de golf en el swing de los golfistas.

Habiendo comenzado su trabajo con el material de golf en 1972, Tom Wishon ha diseñado más de 300 modelos de cabezas originales e innovadoras, más que cualquier otra persona en los 500 años de historia del juego. Sus diseños constituyen más de 50 primicias tecnológicas de diferentes cabezas de palos de golf.

Tom Wishon es el único diseñador de componentes de palos de golf, cuyos diseños han sido utilizados para ganar en el PGA Tour, Champions Senior Tour y Rider Cup. También es autor de 9 libros sobre diseño de palos, su influencia en el juego, clubfitting, así como innumerables artículos técnicos en prácticamente todas las revistas del sector.



  • The 919THI Drivers are now designed with a unique, pure titanium bendable hosel to allow you to fit ANY golfer for lie and face angle.
  • The 919THI Drivers are manufactured using all new, plasma welding tooling dies for 2014 to ensure the highest level of head to head consistency and durability.
  • The combination of variable thickness face with >5,000 g/cm2 MOI delivers the best off-center hit performance in the game – just hit the 919THI Driver and you won’t believe the performance.
  • GRT reduced roll radius ensures a more consistent launch angle and spin rate for all shots, whether high, center or lower face hit.
  • Available in RH in black metallic finish in 9*, 11*, 13*, 15.5*, 10.5* Draw Bias Plus and new 11* Offset.  LH in black in 11*, 13.5*.   Matte white non-glare finish versions available in RH only in 9*, 11*, 13* lofts.
  • 739CCG Titanium Drivers are True Forged to enable an ultra-thin 0.7mm wall thickness design to reduce the headweight to be as light as 193 grams for over length assembly when desired
  • Five Different Color Coded Weight Screws plus TWGT’s hosel weight bore allows clubmakers to customize the headweight from 193g up to 229g to offer length assembly from 42” to 46 1/2”
  • Different Weight Screws Allow Center of Gravity Movement to change launch angle by up to 2.5º while also changing spin up to 500 rpms for later release players.
  • Color Coded Weight Screws are offered in 2.5g(red), 6.5g(black), 9g(white), 13g(gold) and 16g(silver).   730CCG head requires two screws – Weight Screws are Ordered Separately.
  • Cp4 Titanium Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Bending by +/-2* in any direction.  Bending requires proper woodhead loft and lie machine and extreme care when clamping the head to prevent crushing the thin body wall structure.


  • A brand new ultra-high COR driver design to meet the demands of the many golfers who play the game strictly for enjoyment.
  • Full radius round head profile shape with a symmetrical face profile to allow the face design to approach an ultra-high COR of nearly 0.900.
  • Symmetrical round face profile enhances a new triple variable thickness face to offer incredible off center hit performance.
  • Reduced rear body wall thickness sections to move the center of gravity closer to the face for low spin to combine with the ultra-high COR for maximum distance.
  • The 959OL drivers are non-conforming to the USGA Rule for COR – intended for enjoyment only by golfers who do not play competitive events conducted under the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • Finished in black metallic gloss with satin and contrasting color highlights. Available in 10.5 loft in RH only.


  • An all new “top down” locking mechanism for the adjustable hosel device that allows not only faster changing of the lie and face angle specs, but allows for a weight bore to be located at the bottom of the device for custom swingweight (MOI) assembly purposes.
  • Allows changing the lie from 56* to 60* and face angle from 2* open to 2.5* closed, when the 939AHT is traditionally soled in the address position.
  • Alternately, when the 939AHT is held in a 0* square face position at address, the lie can be changed from 56* to 60* and the loft changed from 9* to 13*.
  • Single rear weight screw can be altered from 2.5g to 16g to slightly customize launch angle, or to achieve final swingweight (MOI).
  • Available in RH in 9.5* and 11* loft, as per when the 939AHT is soled in the address position.
  • Do not forget to order a weight screw to go with each 939AHT.  Weight screws available in 2.5, 6.5, 9, 13 and 16 gram weights.
    • The 730CL titanium driver is designed with 16° loft to match perfectly with clubhead speeds of 80mph and lower to deliver the best launch angle for more distance.
    • Designed as a 400cc volume driver with a slight, semi-offset hosel and 1° closed face angle to offer accuracy improvement for golfers who fade the ball.
    • 730CL face is designed thinner than normal to increase face deflection and ball speed for golfers with an 80mph clubhead speed and lower.
    • Available in RH only, finished in a striking deep burgundy gloss ‘see-though’ finish.